Healthy, sugar-free matcha latte

With eye-catching swirls of brilliant green matcha spreading amongst the milk, the iced matcha latte is always a crowd favourite among café drinks. One cup usually costs at least $6 and is often sweetened to cover up any bitterness or earthiness of the matcha. Because of the unit economics of operating a physical café, it is […]

A truly unique matcha latte ft. Chiran Single-Origin

It’s quite unusual to see a higher grade matcha being used in a latte, but in this case, it makes for a really interesting beverage. We made a matcha latte using our Chiran Single-Origin Matcha. Interestingly, because of its intense flavours, you can make a great tasting matcha latte with just 2 teaspoons of matcha! […]

Perfect budget-friendly matcha latte you can make at home

A super quick, easy and budget-friendly matcha latte recipe that kicks a stronger matcha flavour. This delightful matcha latte combines the vegetal notes of matcha and sweetness of brown sugar perfectly. Can you make matcha lattes using a minimum of matcha and still enjoy great flavour without breaking the bank?  In this method, we try […]

Our Classic Matcha Latte Recipe

A step-by-step guide to making the best classic matcha latte! All you need is milk, matcha and some sugar (to your liking) to make this smooth, rich and creamy matcha goodness.

How to make a matcha oat milk latte (hot or iced)

A vegan, dairy-free and plant-based matcha latte made using oat milk. Oat milk is naturally sweet and allows us to cut down on added sugar. We enjoy our matcha oat milk lattes using only half a teaspoon of sugar! This quick and tasty matcha drink can be your new morning go-to!