Our Story

Your trusted source of authentic Japanese matcha

In 2015, matcha experienced a sudden explosion of popularity. Companies marketed it as some sort of superfood health product. Unfortunately, matcha is not strictly regulated, and there are no particular standards that determine whether a seller can market a matcha as “ceremonial”  or “culinary” grade.

Back then, we decided to change that by offering a competitive, versatile grade of matcha. This would allow people to enjoy it in as many ways as possible. Those efforts paid off, and today our mission has expanded. We want to help customers enjoy traditional and non-traditional ways of preparing matcha. We want to help consumers make better-informed purchasing decisions. We want to share the matcha knowledge we’ve since accumulated.

We visit Japan very frequently and enjoy close ties to our growing network of Japanese tea estates, processing factories and tea masters. We rely on these relationships to give you high quality matcha at a fair price. We only price our matcha on a cost-plus basis, and you won’t find us selling top grade matcha for $99 unless it costs nearly that much to produce (it usually does not).

Today, we’ve grown past our single versatile blend and now offer a wider (and growing) range of matcha blends. Try a blend of matcha based on how its flavors are described, rather than its advertised grade. You will surely enjoy matcha this way.