How are we different?

Today, there are many matcha brands and enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. Some brands are good, others bad, and some even promise miraculous health benefits that sound too good to be true. 

What we do differently is to try and understand each customer’s preferences in matcha.  Whether you are looking for something to make that perfect matcha latte or a soothing usucha , we probably have a blend for that.

And we are constantly working to develop new blends. How do we do it?

Over the years, we've built a respectable network of contacts ranging from tea estates, factories and tea masters all over Japan.

When we see a gap in the market, we work with them to develop a new blend. It's a 2-3 month process of buying tea leaves, processing it, blending, tasting, re-blending and re-tasting to reach our desired flavors.

This allows us the flexibility to produce good quality matcha at a fair price with friendly customer support.

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See what others have to say

I have to say I am really impressed by this organic matcha! I’ve tried many different matchas, but this matcha has taken me to places I’ve never been to, and didn’t know you could even go with matcha.

The dark boldness of this matcha will catch you right away and linger with you for a while. You’ll be in for a treat with this matcha, especially if you make a thick style matcha (koicha) or a more thin style (usucha). I often make the thin style with this matcha and consistently I get a rich creaminess that you get when you drink a matcha latte, also a deep umami flavor with notes of cacao. This matcha changed my life, because it made me realize that matchas are like fine wines they, have their own unique personalities.

Chris B. (Amazon customer)

There aren’t words to express how smooth this matcha is. It has a delicate and sweet undertone. The vegetal flavor is still relatively present but not overwhelming at all! The powder is such a vibrant green! This is something I look for in my matcha to determine the class and how to treat it. So I knew when I saw how leaf-green it was that it was going to be a real treat! Every sip I took triggered a memory of when I visited a teahouse for the first time in Tokyo, Japan during spring. Just amazing! I will be getting this matcha again for sure! This is the highest quality matcha I have tasted since I’d left Japan! So glad this exists!!

Bonsai.Tree (Amazon customer)


This has become an important part of my morning. A magic fine green tea powder Naoki gives me all the energy I need to start my day. It’s so refreshing hot or cold so I sometimes switch to the cold version and take it with me to work. Just add (less than) a teaspoon into my 16oz tumblr, add some water and ice and shake! My coworkers tried and liked it so we now have our own jar at the desk. The other day we tried to be creative and we made very delicious matcha latte at work and loved it so much.

I definitely buy it again – highly recommend you to do the same 
Nhan Vhan (Amazon customer)

I had my share of matcha in Japan and outside Japan, and first tried it in 2010 long before it went viral. For some reason, this one stood out and I tried it neat with nearly 3g of matcha powder and 4 oz of water. It foams well and I really enjoyed the flavor. There’s a nice creaminess at the start and it ends on a clean mellow note like any good matcha should. Fantastic stuff.


Nam To (Amazon customer)

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Now available in Singapore with free shipping.