Perfect budget-friendly matcha latte you can make at home

A super quick, easy and budget-friendly matcha latte recipe that kicks a stronger matcha flavour. This delightful matcha latte combines the vegetal notes of matcha and sweetness of brown sugar perfectly.

Can you make matcha lattes using a minimum of matcha and still enjoy great flavour without breaking the bank?  In this method, we try to dissolve matcha directly into milk using a battery operated frother. Unlike coffee, making matcha latte is actually super quick and easy as no fancy tool is required at all. Plus, it also only costs a fraction of your café order.

The best part? Clean up is easy and the tools are easily kept and stored. This makes for a method that can be done in both the office AND at home.

Making matcha latte with an electric frother

We only used just two (2) teaspoons of matcha to make this delicious matcha latte. Instead of mixing matcha into water with a bamboo whisk, we omitted water by mixing matcha in milk with an electric frother. This method allows you to use much lesser matcha, while maintaining a robust matcha taste that does not get overpowered by regular cow’s milk.

If you don’t already know, there are several ways that you can mix matcha. Some of these include using a bamboo whisk, an electric frother, or by shaking it in a bottle. We have a comprehensive article on the different tools you can use to mix matcha here.

Tips on mixing matcha with an electric frother

What we love about using this electric frother to make matcha lattes is that it’s portable and powerful. You can just pop it in your bag, and make your matcha latte at work, at home, or just about anywhere super conveniently. Whether you’re at the office or on-the-go, you don’t have to worry about finding a plug.

The one downside of it is that the electric frother creates too much foam bubbles. Many of us do not particular enjoy huge amounts of cappuccino-level foam, so we designed a workaround for that (more on that in the recipe bleow).

Other tips for using an electric frother to make matcha lattes:

  • It’s best to use any kind of tall jars, bottles or deeper bowls when working with the electric frother. If your vessel is not tall or deep enough, you will end up with a mess of splashed matcha everywhere.
  • When frothing, be careful and go slow as you bring your frother closer to the surface to avoid splashes and mess.
  • A good tip to adopt is to switch on the frother only when it’s fully submerged, and turn it off before removing it from the mixture.

Making matcha latte with the Barista Blend

As our Barista Blend Matcha has a more grassy note, it makes great lattes when paired with milk and sweeteners. This recipe results a robust matcha taste that’s smooth and perfectly balanced. We also use brown sugar as our sweetener, which goes surprisingly well with the grassy notes of our Barista Blend Matcha.

In our experience, we find that dark sugars and syrups better complements vegetal flavours as it gives it a little more depth of flavour. Feel free to also explore different types of dark sugars and molasses in this recipe!

How to avoid too much foam when using the electric frother

Only add a small amount of milk (we recommend 50ml) to “dissolve” the matcha powder first. Once it is evenly mixed with your electric frother, then you add your remaining 150ml milk. This 150ml of milk will not be frothy, and if done correctly, pouring it in will also reduce some of the foam from the initial matcha-milk mixture.

How to make perfect budget-friendly matcha latte at home


  • 2 tsp of our Barista Blend matcha
  • 200 ml milk (we used Meiji full cream milk)
  • 1 tsp sugar (we used brown sugar)


  1. Add matcha, sugar and 50 ml of milk into a glass. Start with just 50ml of milk first because the frother generates a lot of foam.
  2. Insert the electric frother and turn it on at full power. Froth the mixture until all of the matcha is incorporated into the mixture.
  3. Once smooth, add the remaining 150ml of milk into the glass and give the entire glass a good stir. This should reduce the volume of foam.

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