Our Favourite Matcha Latte – rich, robust and better than anything you can get in cafes

 We increased with the amount of matcha used in the recipe, and the results blew us away!  The resulting matcha latte was incredibly smooth and rich, and the umami notes blended perfectly with the  balanced sweetness of the brown sugar and milk.

If you’re obsessed with café-style iced matcha latte that’s on a creamier side with a rich, robust, umami-filled matcha flavor (thanks to our Superior Blend), this recipe is a MUST-TRY!

Preparing it at home using a bamboo whisk is also a greatly satisfying experience. The initial feedback from people we shared this recipe with is that hand-whisking the matcha shot before adding it to milk was really therapeutic and calming.

A well balanced matcha latte with Superior Blend

This crowd-pleasing matcha latte recipe was made with our Superior Matcha Blend! It’s an incredibly versatile blend that allows you to make an affordable matcha latte with less sweetener. The smoothness really helps in balancing against the milk.

What’s even better: If you ever decide to try matcha in tea form (just matcha and water), you can also do it with this blend. It’s smooth and balanced flavour makes it very appropriate for beginners to start their journey into enjoying matcha as tea.

How to achieve an Insta-worthy aesthetic matcha latte effect?

To achieve a beautifully layered matcha latte, the trick is to first mix your sweetener you’re your milk. Then, pour your match “shot” slowly into the milk. The sweetener usually makes the milk more dense and makes for a beautiful gradient effect.

If you like to see the matcha swirl through the milk, add ice cubes and pour the matcha shot slowly over the ice cubes so that it slowly swirls and disperses throughout the glass.

Making the “matcha shot” with a bamboo whisk properly

The bamboo whisk comes with many finely whittled prongs to easily mix matcha into water.. Creating a smooth matcha shot using the bamboo whisk will help you achieve that stunning aesthetic layer in your matcha latte!

Note: If you have been keeping your refrigerator for awhile after opening, you may experience some clumping. To reduce this effect, we recommend giving your matcha a quick sift before mixing into water

If it’s your first time using a bamboo whisk, you may not see luscious foam immediately or may even create a mess. That’s ok, please do not feel disheartened as using the bamboo whisk proficiently comes with a slight learning curve and requires a little practice.

Try to find a bowl with a wide enough rim so you can practice the whisking motion using your wrist. It does not take long to develop, and once you have mastered it,  you will find that that it requires very minimal effort compared to other methods of mixing matcha.

Note: Avoid using the bamboo whisk directly in milk (or any liquid other than water). We found it hard to get rid of the lingering damp smell from the whisk after trying that a long time ago.

How to make café worthy matcha latte

For this café-style matcha latte recipe, we used 3 tsp of matcha for that extra robust matcha kick that we love. Matcha has caffeine, so make sure not to consume this matcha latte too close to bedtime if you’re not planning to stay up late.


  • 3 tsp of our Superior Blend matcha
  • 50 ml of hot water
  • 150 ml Meiji full cream milk
  • 1 tsp brown sugar


  1. Add matcha, sugar and water into a bowl and whisk using a bamboo whisk. If the matcha has been in the fridge for awhile, we recommend giving it a quick sift to break up any existing clumps.
  2. Whisk thoroughly until smooth. The consistency should be similar to gravy.
  3. Pour out your milk and add ice cubes.
  4. Pour the “matcha shot” into your milk. If you want to achieve the “gradient” or “cloudy” matcha latte look, add some ice cubes and pour the matcha shot over the ice cubes so that the green wisps slowly disperse.

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