A truly unique matcha latte ft. Chiran Single-Origin

It’s quite unusual to see a higher grade matcha being used in a latte, but in this case, it makes for a really interesting beverage. We made a matcha latte using our Chiran Single-Origin Matcha. Interestingly, because of its intense flavours, you can make a great tasting matcha latte with just 2 teaspoons of matcha! If you’re a real matcha fan, this matcha latte recipe would be right up your alley.

During our experiments in exploring different matcha latte combinations, we decided on a whim to try out a higher grade matcha to make matcha latte. The end result was surprisingly, to say the least.

We made a matcha latte with our Chiran-Single Origin matcha, and it was intensely creamy, nutty-umami flavour with an almost natural sweetness.It was stunningly tasty and truly unique. Definitely something different from the matcha lattes you can get in a café.

Unless you’re feeling adventurous, this matcha latte recipe may come off too strong for those who are just starting out with matcha. But if you’re a a huge matcha fan, you MUST try this recipe. Robust matcha taste, zero bitterness, interesting nutty flavour, this matcha latte recipe was the perfect start to many WFH mornings.

If you’re trying to make your first matcha latte at home but don’t know where to start, we recommend checking out our a comprehensive matcha latte guide here. We  experimented with more than 20 matcha latte combinations to find the best ones. This one (along with three other recipes) made the cut. Reading the guide will probably help you avoid wasting a heap of matcha and milk!

Why is our Chiran Single-Origin Matcha so interesting?

Our Chiran Single-Origin is an exquisite matcha perfect for drinking neat. As tea, it boasts a beautiful emerald green and tastes smooth and creamy with a unique nutty-umami flavour. That in itself makes it a very enjoyable matcha.

When you add milk, you get a multiplied creamy texture along with hints of pistachio and hazelnut. As this is a high quality matcha blend, we experimented with different matcha concentrations to try and keep the cost within reason. We finally achieved it with this recipe that requires only 2 teaspoons of matcha. The best part is, it even tastes excellent without any sugar!

How to mix properly matcha with an electric frother

For this recipe, we excluded water by mixing matcha and milk with an electric frother. Doing so allowed us to maximise the use of the matcha and keep the amount used in one glass to just 2 teaspoons of matcha. If you’ve never tried mixing matcha with an electric frother before, we have some tips to ensure a quick and seamless frothing experience!

In our view, the electric frother is a convenient and powerful tool for making matcha lattes. It allows you to make your daily cup of matcha anywhere, and gets the job done pretty quickly. However, one drawback is that it produces way too much foam.

To tackle this, we usually make the “matcha shot” by using a small amount of milk (about 50 ml) to mixwith the matcha powder first. Once done, you will simply pour the remaining amount of milk in. This will greatly help in reducing the amount of foam. If you were to directly mix matcha and milk at one go, you will end up with an overly frothed matcha latte that’s unpleasant.

We also recommend that you use a taller or deeper matcha bowl when using an electric frother to minimise spillage of matcha. Any type of high mason jar, bottle or deep bowl will work well.

It’s also best to ensure that you submerge the frother into the liquid first, before switching on the frother. Then, in the midst of frothing, you might also want to get the corners of your container to ensure that the matcha powder’s perfectly mixed with the milk.

How to make unique matcha latte ft. Chiran Single-Origin blend


  • 2 tsp of our Chiran Single-Origin matcha
  • 200 ml milk (we used Meiji full cream milk)


  1. Add matcha and 50 ml of milk into a glass. We start with just 50 ml of milk first because the frother generates a lot of foam.
  2. Insert the electric frother and turn it on at full power. Froth the mixture until all of the matcha is incorporated into the mixture.
  3. Once smooth, add the remaining 150 ml of milk into the glass and give the entire glass a good stir. This should reduce the volume of foam.

Enjoy this truly unique matcha latte!

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