Introducing: Matcha Tea

Matcha is traditionally served as an “usucha”, a small bowl of tea with a dense froth. But usucha is made with just 80-100 ml of water and is often much too strong for beginners to properly enjoy. 

To bridge that gap, we started telling people about “matcha tea”. 

We make our version of matcha tea with 1 tsp (2g) of matcha and 200 ml of water at 65 degrees celsius. It is lighter in taste, yet doesn’t lose the complex notes you can get with good matcha.

Why matcha tea?

Energy boost without jitters

With a fraction of the caffeine in coffee and additional L-theanine, matcha provides a slow, steady energy boost without jitters that lasts for hours.

A great way to get started with matcha

If you already drink green tea, try matcha prepared in this fashion. We guarantee that you will love it.

Stay calm, increase your focus

L-theanine (produced in the tea plant during the shaded growth process) also helps you keep calm and increases your ability to focus.

How to make matcha tea

The easiest way to make matcha tea is to use an electric frother, but any other method used for matcha preparation works too. We recommend a ratio of 1 tsp (2g) matcha to 200ml of hot water.

For best results, we recommend our Superior Blend Ceremonial Grade Matcha and to use water at 65 degrees celsius. The lower water temperature helps to preserve the gentle umami notes.

Electric frother

Bamboo whisk

Shake in a bottle

Make your own matcha tea at home today

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