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Aozora Single-Origin Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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A single-origin organic matcha made from the mountainous Isagawa region in Shizuoka. Perfect for enjoying matcha tea, traditional style. Comes with a complimentary sift.

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Ceremonial Grade

Ivan (Amazon Shopper)

"I have tried more than 10 brands but I always go back to Naoki Matcha.”

Introducing our latest Aozora Matcha. Organically grown and sourced from the mountainous Isagawa region in Shizuoka.

100% organically grown, pesticide free

Sourced from the mountainous Isagawa region in Shizuoka, where altitudes range from 300 to 600m, these tea plants thrive without the need for pesticides or chemicals thanks to the cool air and nutrient-rich soil. Additionally, the natural shades and slower growth at higher elevations yield an exceptionally flavourful tea. 

Specially crafted for matcha tea

When enjoyed as tea, this organic matcha boasts an extremely mellow and sweet flavor profile, alongside moderate roasty undertones.

To enhance your Aozora Matcha experience, we have added a complimentary sift with every purchase of Aozora Matcha. 

Important Tips for enjoying high-grade Aozora Matcha

1. Sifting is required

Aozora Matcha is made using a traditional stone mill, and sometimes the matcha tends to clump up more than other grind methods. For some reason, the difference is much more perceivable for Aozora Matcha compared to other of our matcha.

2. Optimal water temperature: 65°C or lower

We recommend using water at a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius or lower. The exceptional quality of Aozora Matcha truly shines in a tight range of water temperatures.

Japanese quality since 1191

Not all matcha is made equal, and that’s why we spent years building relationships with some of the best tea estates, processing plants and tea masters in Japan so that we have access to some of the best tasting matcha around.

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