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Limited Edition Mame Single-Origin Ceremonial Grade Matcha (30g)

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Made from a single tea field in a mountainous tea growing region in Shizuoka Prefecture. A unique edamame-like flavours with a crisp, sweet finish.

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Ceremonial Grade

Ivan (Amazon Shopper)

"I have tried more than 10 brands but I always go back to Naoki Matcha.”

#1 Best selling matcha on Lazada and Shopee in Singapore and serving more than 200,000 matcha fans in USA, UK and Singapore annually

What our community say about the Limited Edition Single-Origin Mame Matcha

“The Single-Origin Mame Matcha had a mild nutty and creamy flavour, which was great for a morning usucha. There was some umami and almost no bitterness in the tea.”

"I like it compared to the rest. The bitterness is more mild. My wife don't like matcha cause of the bitterness. But this one she is still ok with it. If the price is ok and affordable. This will be the one that i will get if i want to get matcha."

"It's like a mix of Naoki Chiran and Fragrant Yame blend, I quite like it! Just wished umami can be little bit stronger like Chiran"

"I liked the almost savoury, vegetal crispness of the finish. It tastes very clean, and fresh. I was really pleasant in the morning! Ideally, I would want it to inherently have little more sweetness but this is personal preference, and can be easily resolved with a little honey. (I also tried it with milk and regretted it as the milk overpowered all the delicate flavours :( )"

"It's really great for making usuchas. I compared it side-by-side with the Chiran Single-origin matcha. The colour for Single-origin mame was better and both tasted different but both were not bad for an usucha."

Made specially for matcha tea

Our new Limited Edition Single-Origin Mame Matcha is specially made for matcha tea. It boasts an edamame-like flavours, with a crisp, sweet finish. Experiment with various water temperatures, volumes and techniques and enjoy the different nuances of this fine matcha. 

Curated from the finest Japanese matcha

This Single-Origin matcha is produced from a single tea field in the mountainous Shizuoka Prefecture, one of Japan’s most famous tea regions. 

Japanese quality since 1191

Not all matcha is made equal, and that’s why we spent years building relationships with some of the best tea estates, processing plants and tea masters in Japan so that we have access to some of the best tasting matcha around.

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