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How to receive Free Gift Fragrant Yame Matcha

How to receive Free Gift Fragrant Yame Matcha


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The perfect gift box for matcha lovers to explore matcha with various matcha creations. This set comes with detailed instruction cards to help you prepare matcha the right way. 


  • Superior Blend (30g) / 1 tin
  • Barista Blend (30g) / 2 packets
  • Bamboo whisk / 1
  • Measuring Spoons / 1 set


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A light-bodied matcha that’s less earthy with a delicate sweetness. This blend won a Silver award at the National Tea Competition in Japan and it is best enjoyed as a matcha tea so that the natural sweetness can be experienced in full without distraction.


Enter coupon code "NAOXCE2M" at checkout

Enjoy FREE Fragrant Yame Matcha (worth $25.99) with a purchase of the Exploration Gift Box when you enter the coupon code “NAOXCE2M” at checkout.

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Exclusive for Discoverist Subscribers

Get FREE Fragrant Yame Matcha (worth $25.99) with coupon code "NAOXCE2M"

Please ensure to add both the Exploration Gift Box AND Fragrant Yame Matcha to cart before entering the coupon code at checkout.

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Make matcha your morning ritual

Why drink matcha?

Matcha is shade-grown green tea that is ground into fine powder. Compared to your regular green tea, matcha is loaded with higher amounts of antioxidants, nutrients and L-theanine amino acid. L-theanine promotes relaxation to the mind and body while enhances your focus.

Coupled with a small amount of caffeine in matcha, it gives you a steady energy boost for long hours without the jitters and crash you normally get with coffee. 

Why is Naoki better?

Matcha curated to your needs

Today, there are many matcha brands and enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. Some brands are good, others bad, and some even promise miraculous health benefits that sound too good to be true. What we do differently is to try and understand each customer’s preferences in matcha and offer guidance in enjoying it  in as many ways possible. 

“I was thoroughly impressed by the care that Naoki had for matcha and their consumers experience. The amount of resourced available and versatile blends all create for a more knowledgeable consumer which can only help them with their matcha product choosing.” – Daniella

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