Chiran Single-Origin Ceremonial Grade Matcha

A special matcha made for tea enthusiasts. Made from a newly registered tea plant cultivar (Seimei) with a gentle roasted aroma, unique taste characteristics and a brilliant green colour. Each tin contains 30 grams of matcha powder.

$32.99 SGD

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This blend is sourced from Chiran, Kagoshima Prefecture made with Seimei cultivar, a promising new tea plant cultivar that has not yet entered commercial production. Only 80kg of this blend was produced from the 2020 harvest, and we are hoping that this will be continued into 2021 and beyond. We were very fortunate to be able to find an innovative tea grower who was eager to showcase this new tea plant cultivar to matcha enthusiasts outside of Japan.

Additional information

Net Weight

30 grams

Serving Size

2 grams (15 servings)


Chiran, Kagoshima Prefecture



Tasting Notes

Bright, mellow flavors with a natural sweetness and a lingering nutty-umami finish.


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Now available in Singapore

We started out by offering a single blend of matcha in the United States in late 2016. Since then, we’ve grown considerably and have emerged amongst the leading matcha brands in the United States.

Authentic Japanese matcha

Over the years, we’ve developed a network of partner tea estates, tea masters and manufacturers in Japan to ensure that we always provide the best value – a wide  selection of good matcha at competitive prices. 

Guidance always available upon request

A large part of our mission is to help others find different ways of enjoying matcha. If you’re unsure of how to prepare matcha or feel like you’re doing something wrong, visit our (growing) collection of recipes and guides or simply talk to us. 

Cannot find what you are looking for?

Talk to us, we are happy to assist over email ([email protected]), Instagram (@naokimatcha) or Facebook (Naoki Matcha)