Thank you for your interest!

Here's how to claim your free matcha samples:

To redeem the sample, head to our Official Shopee Mall Store and follow the instructions below: 

  1. Once you entered your Shopee app, hover over to your Coins page.
  2. Click on ‘Check in today to get 1 coin’ to redeem 1 coin. Do note that you can only redeem 1 coin per day.
  3. Click on your profile page ‘Me’, and then click on ‘My Vouchers’ to access your vouchers.
  4. Click on ’Input promo code’ to key in voucher code.
  5. Key in the code “NAOKNAOK”. Then, apply to receive voucher.
  6. Select the voucher from Naoki Matcha and ‘Use’ it.
  7. Click on the Free Samples product listing to read more on the details and instructions.
  8. Scroll down to read Product Description for more information on the Free Sample. Then, click on ‘Buy with Voucher’ to checkout.
  9. Click on ‘Buy Now’ to head to checkout page.
  10. At the checkout page, enter your name, delivery address and mobile number for your samples to be delivered. Then, redeem 1 Shopee Coin you’ve entered from the check in at the start. Thereafter, double check your mailing details and ensure that total payment is at $0. Finally, place your order!