Uji Harmony Masters Collection Matcha (30g)

An exquisite blend best enjoyed as usucha or koicha. Full-bodied with savoury umami notes and nutty undertones. Each tin contains 30 grams of matcha powder.


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Uji is on everyone’s radar as the premier matcha production region of Japan. But it remains difficult to find the best matcha unless you know where to look. Developed together with an old, established producer, our Uji Harmony is an exquisite blend that’s full-bodied with savoury umami notes and nutty undertones. Each tea leaves were carefully shaded, stone-milled and mixed by skilled Japanese tea masters to produce excellent matcha quality.

It yields a beautiful jade green colour and boasts an incredible fragrance with a mellow sweetness that lingers. Our Uji Harmony is perfect for those seasoned matcha drinkers looking to experience a unique matcha usucha (thin tea) or koicha (thick tea) experience.

Additional information

Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions5 × 6 × 7 cm
Net Weight

30 grams

Serving Size

2 grams (15 servings)


Uji, Kyoto Prefecture



Tasting Notes

Full-bodied with savoury umami notes and toasty undertones.


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Uji Harmony Masters Collection Matcha (30g) Uji Harmony Masters Collection Matcha (30g)
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Introducing our Masters Collection, a range of high end matcha blends procured from some of the best tea producers in Japan

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This Uji Harmony blend has a lovely and fresh tea scent. The colour is also a more vibrant green which I like and it produces a harmonious taste of matcha which is nice to drink on its own too.
My favourite of the lot. We love the sweet cocoa on first sip, and the bold, deep umami that follows and lingers on the palate. Subtle bitterness. Very velvety smooth mouthfeel. 
I had a pretty intense burst of umami and fresh lingering vegetal taste and faint sweetness. No bitterness at all. Also creamy. I actually enjoyed it. 👍

Made specially for enjoying matcha in the traditional style

Each blend of matcha in this set is suitable for usucha and koicha. Experiment with various water temperatures, volumes and techniques and enjoy the different nuances between each of these matcha blends.

Curated from the finest Japanese matcha

The matcha blends in our Masters Collection come from reputable tea producers from different regions of Japan. Experience fine matcha from revered tea producing regions. Nishio, Uji and Wazuka.

Japanese quality since 1191

Not all matcha is made equal, and that’s why we spent years building relationships with some of the best tea estates, processing plants and tea masters in Japan so that we have access to some of the best tasting matcha around.

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