Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons to have you make your favourite matcha recipes with consistency and precision.

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To make great matcha, using the correct amounts is crucial. While the traditional method involves the use of a bamboo scoop (chashaku), this is difficult for the beginner to accurate estimate.

To help you better prepare and enjoy your matcha, use these measuring spoons instead. A standard teaspoon (2 grams) of matcha is the base upon which we make all our recipes. The other spoons in the set can be used to accurately measuring other ingredients such as water or sweetener.

Set of 4 spoons contains:
1 tablespoon measurement (15ml)
0.5 tablespoon measurement (7.5 ml)
1 teaspoon measurement (5 ml)
0.5 teaspoon measurement (2.5 ml)

Additional information


10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm


Stainleel Steel, Plastic


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Now available in Singapore

We started out by offering a single blend of matcha in the United States in late 2016. Since then, we’ve grown considerably and have emerged amongst the leading matcha brands in the United States.

Authentic Japanese matcha

Over the years, we’ve developed a network of partner tea estates, tea masters and manufacturers in Japan to ensure that we always provide the best value – a wide  selection of good matcha at competitive prices. 

Guidance always available upon request

A large part of our mission is to help others find different ways of enjoying matcha. If you’re unsure of how to prepare matcha or feel like you’re doing something wrong, visit our (growing) collection of recipes and guides or simply talk to us. 

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